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Parent Organisation Department for National Drug Control
Contact Person Angria Bassett
Contact Position Treatment Coordinator
Phone Number 441-278-4702
Cell Number 441-505-4032
Emergency Number 441-278-4718
Fax Number 441-296-4824
Email Address
Website Address
Physical Address # 3 Cockburn Road
Sandys, MA03
Mailing Address P.O. MA Box 351
Sandys MA BX
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Office). Counsellors are available 24/7 (Call 278-4718).
Referral Procedure Persons may Self Refer or be referred by significant others, local and overseas Addiction Treatment agencies, medical practice , BHB or Bermuda Assessment and Referral Center (BARC).
Persons must be prepared to have a thorough Assessment by a qualified Addictions Counselor to establish level of addiction and suitability for residential treatment.

About Men’s Treatment Centre (MTC)


The MTC provides drug rehabilitation services to adult males with addiction use disorders (AUD) in a residential setting for at least one year with voluntary aftercare support for clients and families one year after treatment completion.


  • Pre admission/engagement assessment and preparation.
  • Random observed drug screens.
  • Collaborative client-centred treatment planning.
  • Psych education and process groups.
  • Individual, family and relationship counselling and support.
  • Spirituality-Church, Bible study, devotions, 12 STEPS; sponsorship.
  • Relapse prevention, anger management and assertiveness training.
  • Relaxation and coping skills, art therapy and African drumming
  • Discharge, transitional planning; vocational readiness, “GED class, volunteerism.
  • Community re-entry and transitional phase , self-care ,Life Skills, budgeting, organization and planning skill development.

Categories: Abuse - Drugs and Alcohol, Counselling