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Parent Organisation Gina Spence Productions
Contact Person Courtney Harrison
Contact Position Clinical Manager
Phone Number 441-296-0016
Email Address
Physical Address 61 Verdmont Road
Smiths FL 02
Mailing Address P.O. Box HM 885
Hours of Operation 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Referral Procedure Self referral or by health care provider

About GSP Clinical Services


GSP's diverse offerings, ranging from informational sessions and trainings to
counseling services and specialized programs are all aimed at fostering healing
and resilience. Our comprehensive array of services were designed to support
individuals and communities through grief and loss.


  • • Clinical Services
    • Grief & Loss Counselling Services - (8-10 sessions/50 minutes per session),Description: Individual counseling sessions for persons who need support processing their grief and loss trauma.
    • GSP Grief Recovery Method Individual Sessions - (8 weeks/1 hr sessions),Description : GSP's Action-based educational and therapeutic grief and loss support.
    • GSP Grief Recovery Method Group Sessions - (4 weeks/10-15 people/2 hr sessions),Description : GSP's Action-based educational and therapeutic grief and loss support.
    • Helping Children with Loss Individual Sessions - (8 weeks/1 hour sessions),Description: Helping Children with Loss individual sessions are for persons to learn the unique skill set required to work with children (18 years and under) who are suffering from grief and loss.
    • Trainings & Presentations
    • GSP Grief & Loss Debrief - 1 session/2 hours/10-15 people, Description: GSP grief & loss debrief sessions provide participants with an immediate response to their grief and loss through group stabilization and recommendations for next steps. Our trained grief specialists create a comfortable and confidential environment for participants to share their experiences while healing through the support of others.
    • Grief Awareness Training - 1/⁄2 day training/10-20 people, Description: The GSP Grief Awareness Training is a 1⁄2 day teaching session that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to support someone who is grieving and how to determine if the griever is in need of professional services.
    • Grief Awareness Workshop - Full day training/10-20 people, Description: The GSP Grief Awareness Workshop is an interactive training session for persons in the helping profession to enhance their tools and skills while working with this specialized population.
    • Grief & Loss Awareness Presentation - 30-45 minutes/10-15 people, Description: The GSP Grief Awareness Presentation is an informational session for participants to learn about grief and loss. This presentation shares the resources that GSP has available to assist those who are grieving and reviews our referral process for persons in need of individual services.

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