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Contact Person Clare Mello
Phone Number 441-333-4483
Email Address
Website Address
Facebook Page facebook/TheElizaDoLittleSociety/about/?ref=page_internal
Physical Address 64 Middle Road
Warwick WK 03
Mailing Address 64 Mddle Road
Warwick WK 03
Hours of Operation 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; closed Saturdays until further notice

About Eliza Dolittle Society (The)


The Eliza DoLittle Society is committed to educating the public on the impact of food insecurity and looking for ways that we can help alleviate this growing issue in Bermuda.We believe in a Bermuda where no person should have to be food insecure.
Founded in 2002, The Eliza DoLittle Society (TEDS) is a registered charity (#567) that aims to address the needs of those in Bermuda who are food insecure and hungry. The principal goal of the Society when established was to assist individuals who are in need of “a hand up, not just a hand out”.


  • Maintains a food pantry for those in need
  • Provides the community with grocery items.
  • Recipes that would not break the bank but provide the basic elements of a nutritionally balanced meal (see website).

Categories: Charity, Food / Food Pantry