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Parent Organisation Department of Health
Contact Position Intake Coordinator
Phone Number 441-278-4900
Email Address
Website Address
Physical Address Continental Building
25 Church Street
Hamilton HM 12
Mailing Address P. o. Box HM 1195
Hamilton HM EX
Hours of Operation 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m, Monday to Friday

About Child Care Regulation Programme


The Child Care Regulation programme’s mission is to enhance the development of all young children by ensuring quality, accountability, compliance and best practice in child care settings. This includes monitoring, inspecting and documenting visits of the Day Care Provider population, investigate complaints sometimes partnering with other government departments, and supporting and educating this population to encourage compliance. Childcare regulations ensure that those allowed to care can care according to laws & standards that are BEST for children.


  • • Perform inspections and re-licensing of all Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers every 2 years.
  • '• Carry out monitoring visits to ensure Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers are operating within the guidelines set out by the Day Care Centre Regulations 1999, The Children's Act 1998 and the Child Care Standards 2018
  • • Investigate concerns raised by members of staff, parents and the public as it relates to Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers to ensure compliance and best practice are being followed
  • • Vet staff to ensure they have the required qualifications, documentation and background checks before they commence working with young children.

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