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Contact Person Kimberly McIvor & Jennifer Ince
Contact Position Speech-Language Pathologists
Phone Number 441-295-2739
Fax Number 441-297-2739
Email Address
Facebook Page facebook/pg/apexAH/services/?
Physical Address S.E. Pearman Building
9 Par-la-Ville Road
Pembroke HM 11
Hours of Operation 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday
Referral Procedure Referral from a physician (pediatrician, family doctor, or specialist doctor) is required in order for services to be partially covered by insurance.

About APEX Allied Health


At APEX Allied Health we know that communication goes far beyond saying words and sentences, and is vital to the life-long learning and well-being of everyone in our community. Our Speech-Language Pathologist (S-LPs) work with children and adults of all ages to promote healthy development and effective communication skills.


  • • Assessment and Support for Speech Articulation and Motor Speech difficulties.
  • • Assessment and Support for Difficulty with Language Comprehension and Expression.
  • • Assessment and Support for Difficulties with Social Language, Problem Solving, and Cognitive-Communicative disorders.
  • • Assessment and Support for Voice disorders.
  • • Assessment and Support for Feeding and Swallowing difficulties and Picky Eating.
  • • Assessment and Support for Difficulty with Auditory Processing and Phonological Awareness.
  • • Assessment and Support for Difficulties with Reading and Writing.

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