Where to start?

Talk with friends or family to see they know someone they would recommend.

Go to the caregiver directory  to search for one with the features you are looking for.


Should I hire from an agency or an independent caregiver?

Points  to consider-

When hiring from a home care agency

When hiring a self-employed homecare provider:


How would I interview a potential caregiver?

You may start with a phone interview, but you should also meet the caregiver in person, and, have them meet your loved one as well. 
Examples of some good questions to ask a potential caregiver are:

Make some observations during your interview-


How do I screen a potential caregiver?

Caregivers or home care agencies that are registered with the ADS home care providers registry -posted on the Helping Services Looking for a Caregiver page have had criminal record checks, and have met minimal requirements depending on the type of caregiver. See  Home Care Provider FAQs for more details.

Should I ask for references?

Yes and check them, , even if a good friend is recommending someone. Basic questions such as:


Should I have a trial period?

 it is good to have a short term try out period to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your loved one. During this time it can be useful to drop by at least a few times unannounced, so that you can verify that the caregiver is doing everything they said they would, and things are going well.

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